After picking up the same amount of rain we saw all of June in just 24 hours, warmth and sun are back in the forecast. Sunday afternoon to Monday morning brought 0.06 inches of rain to Anchorage. The same amount we saw during the entire month of June. Storms will stick around, but downsloping should keep Anchorage mostly dry. 

Dry doesn't mean sunshine, just yet. Tuesday will stay mostly cloudy in Alaska's biggest city. A few isolated showers around Southcentral will come with the clouds. By the afternoon, expect a few peeks of sunshine in the city as temperatures climb to near 70 degrees. 

Wednesday will stay fairly similar. Mostly cloudy with the chance of some isolated showers around Anchorage. A little sunshine will help temperatures climb back into the low 70s in the afternoon. 

The second half of the week will bring about even more sunshine and warmth. Don't expect crippling warmth, but temps in the mid-70s under sunny skies will remind us all that summer is far from over in Southcentral Alaska. 

Get out and enjoy everything Alaska has to offer!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo