84 wildfires continue to blaze across the nation, 58 of which are in Alaska, including the largest wildfire in the country

The map above shows the number of fires in Alaska started by lightning to date in 2019. 

To put it into perspective: over 1.4 million acres have burned in Alaska out the total 2,113,793 acres burned for the entire country in 2019. In Alaska, many of these fires started after lightning strikes in the area, according to the latest info from the National Interagency Fire Center situation report on July 15.

More than 4,000 lightning strikes were recorded across Alaska since this Sunday, many of which struck the Interior, according to AK Fire Info. The agency also states there are 30 fires are burning in the Upper Yukon Zone, most of which are not a threat to people or property. 

A map showing the active fires in Alaska with firefighters assigned to working them on July 15.

Above is a statewide map showing firefighters are only working 28 of the total fires currently burning in Alaska.

Here is a list of each region's fire breakdown by agency and acres burned to date, including Alaska:

An infographic showing a list of fires by state and the number of acres burned for each state as seen on July 15, by the National Interagency Coordination Center.

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