After a record-setting heat wave dried out a good portion of Alaska, a small tease of rain on Friday helped Anchorage break a 24-day dry spell. With more rainfall over the weekend, we've officially received more rain in the past few days than we did the entire month of June.

Rain started falling in Anchorage around noon on Sunday. While wet roads and gloomy skies might make it seem like a significant amount of moisture fell, the day closed out with just 0.05 inches of rain.

If you add that to Friday's 0.01 inches, you get a total of 0.06 inches of rain, which also happens to be the total rainfall for June. On Monday morning, another 0.01 inches of rain fell, officially making the first half of July wetter than the entire month of June.

That's right — June saw less than one inch of rain for the entire month. Combine that lack of moisture with some hot temperatures, last month was the warmest on record, making the need for moisture even more apparent. 

While our official 0.07 inches of rain for the month of July so far might be more than June, it’s far from our normal 1.83 inches of rain we see in July. The good news is that there is plenty of time left in the month.

Despite the recent weather, Anchorage is still much warmer than normal and far behind in terms of rainfall. Temperatures trended almost 10 degrees above normal during the first half of July.

The forecast calls for more rain despite persisting above-normal temperatures. At this point, anything we can get will help immensely as much of the state remains abnormally dry due to our recent weather pattern.

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