Fire crews have been very busy across Anchorage as the dry weather continues.

Anchorage Fire Department Assistant Chief Alex Boyd says the department gets at least one call a day about smoke in the area around Mountain View Drive and the Glenn Highway, west of Boniface Parkway.

"We're really in the same place we were in a week ago. Conditions are still very dry and very dangerous."

Even though temperatures are cooler, the ground is still very dry and not collecting enough moisture, meaning firefighters are combating fires that look like they've already been put out.

"Those fires, they will smolder in the ground until they find enough dry material, and they'll start back up. We usually don't see that because the ground moisture is a lot higher, so we are seeing a lot more of that type fire coming up, old camp fires that have reawakened that weren't fully put out to begin with, and the moisture didn't help that, so we are seeing a lot of that."

Boyd says they are able to take care of those quickly thanks to help from the community.

"The public is a lot more aware. With the high fire danger in the wilderness areas, any little smoke gets called in immediately and so we are responding to a lot more smoke investigation-type calls in the green belts and in the areas." said Boyd.

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