"Live your passion — you may inspire others to live theirs."

That is the motto of Hair Science barbershop, and Operation: Reborn! serves as a prime example of that motto in action. It's a community outreach program that provides the homeless and less fortunate with a free haircut and a nice meal. But there's a long-term focus too.

"Definitely about haircuts, definitely about the food, but we really wrap everything around employment," Hair Science owner Shawn Idom said on KTVA 11's Daybreak Friday.

Idom said he and four other local business owners came together to start the program, offering a variety of services aimed at changing lives.

"Being entrepreneurs, we have seen what our employees have benefited from working with our organizations and our individual companies. And how when people have purpose and have a mission and kind of stay on task and have accountability in their lives, how it can change them."

It starts with the free haircut, which Idom says is available to anyone in need of help. 

"Haircuts, when you look good, you feel good. You kind of get your mind in a different space possibly than maybe when you first walked into our event," explained Idom. "Then from there we want to level you up, and if there's any other needs that you may need, we want to help you with that."

Idom and his partners offer prospective job opportunities and discuss with those interested the best ways to be successful.

"We see a lot of the challenges that we're facing in our local community," Idom said. "And me and four other entrepreneurs got together, and we're just being proactive about trying to cause some solutions and trying to push Anchorage in a positive light."

Operation: Reborn! takes place on the second Sunday of every month. The next event is this Sunday, July 14, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hair Science in Anchorage at 203 West 15th Avenue #108. 

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