A 45-year-old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a 2016 assault where evidence showed he dragged a woman into a wooded area and strangled her.

According to a release from the attorney general's office, Alvin Wassillie was sentenced by an Anchorage judge on charges of second- and fourth-degree assault.

The charges, according to the release, stemmed from an assault on a woman near 15th and Ingra streets in August 2016.

"Evidence at trial showed that Wassillie dragged the victim into a wooded area and strangled her," the release states. "The victim escaped from Wassillie after losing several items of clothing and her cellphone but was able to call police from a nearby gas station."

Wassillie was arrested shortly after the assault and has been in custody ever since.

The release states that Assistant District Attorney Arne Soldwedel asked the court to impose the maximum 10-year sentence second-degree assault conviction. He noted Wassillie's 37 prior convictions for assaults and other crimes and the seriousness of the offense.

The court deemed Wassillie a "worst offender," and made additional special findings, restricting Wassillie's eligibility for discretionary parole, the release states.

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