The clouds over Anchorage have kept us cool and improved our air quality in the past few days. That is thanks to unique weather phenomena. The smoke is acting as what we call cloud condensation nuclei. The tiny particles in the atmosphere that make up the smoke give the moisture in the atmosphere something to condense on to. This helps form the low-hanging, thick clouds we've seen over Anchorage the past few days. 

Friday will bring more of the same. Thick clouds and cooler temperatures. We will stay in the low-60s throughout the day. The thick clouds and presence of moisture will give us the chance of a few bits of light drizzle or mist in the coming days, but the heavy rain waits. 

Saturday and Sunday will bring a repeat of the late-week weather pattern. With no big change in the weather pattern, it is just more of the same. We'll hang on to temps in the mid to low-60s and the thick clouds. A few bits of light drizzle will scatter across the region with our current weather pattern, but most of the moisture stays in the Gulf over the weekend. 

There are a couple chances of rain as we get into next week. The first as early as Monday, then again on Wednesday. The atmosphere is transitioning from the stagnant pattern that brought us all of that heat to one that favors more storm development. So be sure to stay with the KTVA weather team for the latest. 

Happy Friday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo