One person has died after a plane crashed in the Ketchikan area, the U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday.

USCG spokesperson Amanda Norcross said the plane was reported to the guard as overdue by Ketchikan Airport after missing its 3:04 p.m. arrival time.

The last communication with the plane, according to Norcross, was 30 minutes prior to when it was scheduled to return. The crash site was located by a Ketchikan volunteer rescue squad.

Two small boats from Ketchikan and one helicopter from Sitka joined the search for the plane. Norcass said one person, the only one on the flight, died during the crash.

The location of the plane during its last communication was Judy Hill, near Blank Inlet on Gravina Island. Norcross did not confirm if this was the area of the crash site.

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