Firefighters working on containing the Montana Creek Fire are battling more than just flames — they’re helping keep people and homes safe too.

Joseph Scott Sr. says crews saved his home and all of his possessions as the fire raged around his 40-acre property.

"It was right to the edge here and that’s 70 feet from the front door," Scott said.

Scott and his family built their home many years back, but he says they have never experienced a fire so close.

"There’s debris everywhere," Scott said. "Looks like, you know, someone dropped a MOAB out there, you know, just without the crater. It’s just, you know, charred earth. It’s just gone."

Even though much of the area was burned, Scott says he's lucky his home is okay.

"It literally burned 360 degrees around my home," he said. "Didn’t char it, didn’t smoke it, didn’t do anything, you know."

Scott says he’s thankful for the firefighters and all of their hard work.

"What they’re doing is phenomenal," he said. "What they've done is nothing short of impressive and they stuck with it."

The firefighters working around Scott’s home aren't done with the fight just yet. They’re still putting out hot spots on the property. While they work, Scott says he’s patiently waiting to learn how it happened.

"I ask him, I says 'how is this possible,'" Scott said. "He was like, 'fire does weird things.' This is sort of unique, you know, that's what they told me and well, you know, the creator just watched over us and the firefighters did their job."

According to the latest update from AK Fire Info, the Montana Creek Fire is 365 acres and 30% contained. Over 150 personnel are currently assigned to the fire, many of which are also working on containing the Malaspina Fire located about a mile away.

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