Temperatures will stay on the warmer side as we start the workweek in Southcentral. 5 days in a row now the temperature in Anchorage has topped 80 degrees. The weather pattern responsible for the crippling heat looks like it will start to break down later this week. 

Monday will bring another hot, hazy day to Anchorage. Temperatures will climb into the mid-80s under sunny skies once again. The ongoing wildfires around the state will keep smoke in the sky through the day. Very similar to what we saw Sunday in the Anchorage bowl. 

The slow shift in the forecast will start Tuesday. Temperatures will trend slightly cooler as a few clouds pop up in the smoke-filled sky. Near 80 once again in Anchorage as the ridge of high pressure stays strong. 

The breakdown of our current weather pattern starts in the middle of the week. Wednesday will bring the shift, a few more clouds and slightly cooler than Tuesday. By Thursday, clouds will return as temperatures start to cool. Mid-70s will feel like sweet relief after our recent heat wave.

By early next week, a Gulf storm will bring the chance of much-needed rain to Southcentral Alaska. 

Hang in there, an end is in sight!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo