An Anchorage judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation for 28-year-old Rigoberto Guillermo Walker, the man arrested for stabbing an elderly woman multiple times July 4.

Charging documents state Walker told police the stabbing "was the government's fault" and "the government made him do it."

Walker was arraigned on Saturday for the assault outside of 8850 Centennial Circle. The judge stated mental health concerns for Walker and appointed the Alaska Public Defender Agency to his case.

Records say Walker attacked the elderly woman with a knife outside of the Centennial Circle apartment while she was using her walker and moving a plant. She collapsed on scene but was able to provide her statements at the hospital.

A man who witnessed the assault says Walker threatened him and he saw Walker stab the elderly woman 4 times. Another witness, a woman, said Walker also threatened her.

Court documents show Walker has numerous prior convictions dating back to 2010 which include five prior assaults, four convictions for arson and a 2010 conviction for coercion stemming from an underlying assault charge.

Walker faces multiple counts of assault with sentences ranging between 1 and 20 years maximum in prison. Bail for Walker has been set at $20,000.

He has also been ordered to stay away from the elderly woman and two witnesses and has been barred from possessing weapons, consuming or possessing alcohol or being in any place where alcohol is sold.

Walker's next court appearance is scheduled for July 11.

Dave Leval contributed to this report.

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