Anchorage police have arrested a man they say stabbed an elderly woman several times Thursday evening.

Officers with the Anchorage Police Department responded to the 8800 block of Centennial Circle after dispatch received a report of a stabbing around 7:45 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

According to charging documents, the elderly woman was using her walker outside when she was approached by a man later identified by police as 28-year-old Rigoberto Walker.

"[The elderly woman] was moving a plant when the suspect came up to her and yelled [expletive] and then hit her several times," the documents state. "Initially [the elderly woman] did not realize she had been stabbed, but then felt blood on her side and heard gurgling coming from the wound."

The woman collapsed on the scene, but the court documents say she was able to give her statement to police at the hospital. Two witnesses, a man and woman who were down the street when the attack happened, also gave statements to the police.

"[The witnesses] heard yelling and heard a female state 'please help me,'" the documents state. "[The man] closed to within about 100 feet of [Walker] and told him to put the knife down."

The man told police that he saw Walker had stabbed the elderly woman four times in her right side with a large kitchen knife. Walker allegedly approached the man and threatened him with the knife. The man hid behind a nearby vehicle.

According to the charging documents, Walker then walked toward the woman witness, who had been calling police on her cellphone, and cursed at her before running away.

Walker was found by APD officers near Peck Avenue and was taken into custody. The documents state a search warrant was granted for his backpack, but police didn't find a knife.

After being questioned by detectives, Walker was taken to jail and is facing multiple counts of assault. The documents state that Walker told police the stabbing "was the government's fault" and "the government made him do it."

According to the charging documents, Walker has numerous prior convictions stemming back to 2010. Police say Walker is a repeat violent offender and has 17 priors including six felonies. Walker has five prior assaults, four arson convictions from 2018 and a 2010 coercion conviction based on an underlying assault charge.

He did not appear for his scheduled July 5 arraignment.

Kayla Heffner and Nick Swann contributed to this report.

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