On Monday, Alaska lawmakers will gavel in for a second special session — one that's all about the Permanent Fund Dividend. Legislators will weigh recommendations from a legislative committee on future use of the fund and debate the size of this year's PFD checks. 

The issue has Alaskans talking and some even singing. That's the case for singer and songwriter "Hurricane" Dave Rush, author of the Alaskan hit "Don't Touch My PFD." 

"I wrote it for the Anchorage Folk Festival back in January," Rush said. "I was watching all the arguing between people, 'don't touch my PFD,' you know, 'don't give me an income tax', so forth and so on and I thought we need a song about this.'"

While the song's title sounds straightforward, Rush says Alaskans shouldn't take it at face value

"It's written two ways. You can take it as a straightforward song, 'Don't Touch My PFD' or you can take it as a little bit of satire, [I] let people decide for themselves," Rush said.

With a catchy tune, Rush hopes the issue will stick in Alaskan minds, spark a smile or at least start a conversation.

"I want to get people talking about it and kind of swapping ideas on how we get out of this mess we're in," he said.

The conversation for lawmakers starts July 8, with legislators slated to meet in Juneau and Anchorage, despite Gov. Mike Dunleavy's call for a session in Wasilla. 

Rush will perform the song as part of a showcase in Fairbanks on July 12. You can find more of his tunes on his website.

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