The University of Alaska Anchorage is moving out of the University Center Mall. But it's a process that could take up to two years, according to Ryan Buchholdt, UAA Facilities & Services Business Manager.

UAA owns the southern portion of the University Center Mall

Buchholdt said the university purchased the southern portion of the mall and associated parking in 2002. It houses a variety of student services including enrollment and financial aid. Other programs include the engineering, science and project management departments.

According to Buchholdt, plans to relocate services back to the main campus were in the works before the recent budget cuts, but the move is expected to save the university money. Buchholdt said yearly operations and maintenance costs total approximately $750,000 a year.

There's also the question of debt service, which Buchholdt said the Alaska Legislature has been paying, but appears to have been vetoed in the Governor's budget. According to the UAA Budget Office, approximately $7 million of debt remains on UAA's portion of the building. Buchholdt said the goal is to lease out vacant sections as services relocate with an eventual eye towards selling it.

Buchholdt said the goal is to keep student services in a single location on the UAA campus but it could take some time for the space to become available.

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