We’ve done a number of Frontiers programs on Bristol Bay fisheries, and they’ve been among some of our most popular shows. 

So this week, we compiled stories from several programs into one show, to bring you the sights and sounds of Bristol Bay – a region that’s been in the news a lot lately in the ongoing Pebble Mine controversy.

We’ll save that debate for a future Frontiers program and instead bring you some slices of life from a place that’s like no other.

Here are some of this week’s highlights.

  • A Family Affair: We spend the July 4th holiday on the beaches of Naknek with a family of setnetters. 
  • Kvichak Fish Company: Meet two sisters who process salmon with TLC.
  • Angling for Tomorrow: The Bristol Bay Fly Fishing Academy brings young people together from all over the region to give them a taste of the sport fishing industry.
  • Nondalton Fish Camp: It’s a peaceful, iconic Alaskan scene. The blue skies, the aquamarine water -- with red salmon hanging against the greenery of fish camp. How salmon feed both body and soul.
  • Brooks Bear Cam: If you can’t fly to Bristol Bay, we’ll show you how you can watch the bears snag salmon. 

This show is a reminder that we have a lot to be thankful for in Alaska, But I do have one complaint: summer and the salmon run go by all too quickly.


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