It's one thing to win the Mount Marathon Race. It's another to stay in good enough shape to run it every single year for 50 years.

Seward's own 79-year-old Fred Moore is set to do just that.

Moore came to Alaska as a tourist in 1959. A few years later, he made Seward his home. He always enjoyed hiking mountains but never thought much about racing on one.

Then came July 4, 1970.

"I just wanted to see what I could do," Moore said. "It was a nice day, it didn't cost anything, so I just signed up and did it."

There was no lottery and no entry fee in 1970, just a $1 deposit for a huge cloth bib.

Moore would finish the race that year — and the next 48 years, too.

"I believe in always doing something, but never overdoing it," Moore said.

He stays active year-round, and says he has good reasons to stay in fit.

"Well, why would I not want to be in the best shape I can possibly be in, or close to it," Moore said. "For one thing, it's kinda good to keep your health going to keep up with your kids."

Moore has four children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

He's usually easy to spot on the race course. Moore has been wearing bright pink running shorts ever since the 1985 Equinox Marathon so his wife could spot him on the road.

You might see a lot more pink in the men's race this year. Moore says the Seward Chamber of Commerce has been encouraging other racers to wear pink to honor his achievement. 

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