A thick layer of smoke settled over Anchorage early Friday morning. The smoke comes from the Swan Lake Fire on the Kenai Peninsula. The blaze has grown to more than 56,200 acres, rapidly growing because of the hot, dry weather pattern. 

Hot dry weather sticks with us through the weekend. The 80-degree heat starts Friday, we will climb to 80 degrees under sunny skies in the afternoon. The overall weather pattern favors light and variable winds. However, heating differentials, or differences in temperatures from the mountains to town to water, will kick up some light wind during the day. That should be enough to clear us out by the afternoon. Very similar to what we saw Thursday.

Saturday will bring about a very similar weather pattern. Smoke will start the day making clear skies seem cloudy. Then through the day. temperatures will climb into the low-80s as skies clear. In addition to monitoring the air quality in the coming days, it will be important to prepare for heat as well. Light colored loose clothing and plenty of water will help you feel cooler. 

Sunday will bring about a little relief. Temperatures will fall back into the 70s, but barely. Upper-70s and dry again as we start next week. Smoke will likely stick around in the coming days as our weather pattern favors further fire growth. 

To check current air quality in Anchorage, click here. The index is monitored 24 hours a day and updated on the website hourly. 

Stay cool!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo