Anchorage reached 79 degrees Thursday breaking the record high temperature for the 3rd time this week! With no significant cooling on the way, we could easily break three more record daily high temperatures Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

A strong ridge of high pressure has set up shop over Alaska which gives us all the physics we need to see the warmest weather of the year. The ridge is helping bring in warmer air from the south as the Jet Stream has moved north, the ridge is also blocking any other storms from moving in, which means stagnant conditions and no chance for rain, and finally, high pressure forces the air to "sink" from the higher elevations which compresses it and heats it up further. 

For Anchorage, this means upper 70s and low 80s are likely Friday and Saturday with mid-70s on Sunday and the Mat-Su will be 5-10 degrees warmer. 

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With temperatures, this warm, June 2019 will likely end up being the warmest June on record!

We'll kick off the month of July slightly cooler with highs in the low as the ridge of high pressure temporarily weakens, but by the middle part of next week, we'll be right back into the mid-70s and there is still no significant rain in the forecast. 

Aside from the heat, we're also dealing with the smoke from the Swan Lake Fire, which at times will continue to affect our air quality. 

As of Thursday night, the air quality in Anchorage was "moderate" but will continue to fluctuate between good and potentially unhealthy. An air quality advisory was issued for all of Southcentral through Friday. There is also a dense smoke advisory in effect for the interior Kenai Peninsula, closer to the fire, where the visibility at times will be near zero.  Here's more information on how the smoke could impact your health.
We'll continue to see at least some smoke in the area until the fire is extinguished.

-Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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