The Houston Fire Department announced yesterday that they are suspending the sale and use of several types of aerial fireworks because of heightened fire danger in the area.

The temporary ban was posted to HFD's Facebook page Wednesday evening. It is in effect until further notice.

According to HFD, the fireworks affected include:

•     Roman candles of any type of style;

•     Parachute-style novelty fireworks with flares or smoke;

•     Helicopter-style novelty fireworks

•     Saturn batteries and similar products

HFD says this is in addition to the voluntary fire season suspension of sky missiles and other rocket-style fireworks.

"Houston Fire Department has already made contact with the fireworks stands to inform them of this suspension, and all have agreed to immediately comply with the suspension," the department said. "Combined, these types of fireworks account for a great majority of significant fires caused by improper use of fireworks."

AFD says that the fireworks included in the ban are those that people can't control. Cakes, fountains, novelties fireworks other than helicopter style, firecrackers, sparklers and similar fireworks that have a controlled discharge will still be allowed.

"Please remember that fireworks are only as safe as the person using them," the department said.

For more information on the suspension and to read AFD's safety tips on the use of allowed fireworks, visit the department's Facebook page.

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