Thankfully we aren't looking at record heat in Anchorage Tuesday. A bit of a change from the record-setting start to the week, but the day will come with more sun and enough wildfire smoke to prompt air quality concerns.

An air quality advisory remains in affect for Anchorage and the Mat-Su through Friday. Air quality will range from good to unhealthy in that time. All depending on wind speed and direction. A good way to think about it would be, if you can clearly see the mountains— it's probably closer to good. If there is a haze in the air and the mountains disappear in the smoke— it's on the unhealthy side of the spectrum.

Aside from smoke, its going to be another day of sunshine once some of the morning clouds depart. Temps will climb to the 70s once again in the afternoon, making it feel downright balmy for Alaska standards. 

That will be the pattern again on Wednesday, a few morning clouds, smoke, then warming as the sun returns during the second half of the day. 

Temperatures will warm through the end of the week, even approaching 80 degrees at times!

Some of the clouds we see in the coming days will be a unique type known as pyrocumulus. Clouds that form from the heat and smoke of wildfires. Check out this amazing explanation of the unique cloud formation from the National Weather Service. 

 You can find more pictures on the Anchorage NWS Twitter page

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo