76 degrees on Sunday had many complaining that it was too hot in Anchorage. For some that means the week to come is going to be a bit warm. Our current weather pattern is here to stay, that means more sunshine and heat stays in the forecast. Unfortunately, without any rain, the smoke will stick around. 

A massive ridge of high pressure will keep us warm, no hot, all week. Monday will see temperatures soar into the mid-70s once again. Skies will remain mostly clear through the day, a few clouds will build late, mostly north and in the mountains as scattered storms develop. The smoky haze from the growing Swan Lake fire will stick around. Very similar to what we experienced Sunday. 

Not much of a change is expected in the coming days. The ridge of high pressure holds, and that means more of Sunday and Monday all over again. Mostly clear skies, aside from wildfire smoke still in the atmosphere. Temperatures will drop to near 60 overnight, then climb to the mid 70s in the afternoon each day. 

The Swan Lake Fire is now at some 32,300 acres and remains just 9% contained. The weather pattern is one that is conducive to fire growth. Dry and warm with light winds will allow the fire to spread. Thunderstorm development remains possible this week, making storm outflow, or dry wind gusts, a concern for further development. 

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-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo