You can do a lot at Ted Stevens International Airport — book a flight, rent a car, get something to eat. Soon, you may be able to do something else: stay there.

The airport is considering whether to build a hotel on land between the rental car complex and train station.

"We're looking for 150-plus rooms, we kind of leave it up to the developer to decide exactly what the right number is," said Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak.

Szczesniak says the hotel would provide a service the airport currently lacks.

"We have a lot of customers that come in here and have long layovers, or they're coming in from rural Alaska," Szczesniak said. "They have to stay and stuff like that, so, it'll be extremely convenient for passengers to do that."

The tunnel connecting the terminal to the rental car center would also serve as the path to the hotel.

"If you have multiple businesses around Alaska you can bring your employees into Anchorage, have meetings in the hotel," Szczesniak said. "If it's a multiple day thing, you can stay there, get back on the airplanes and go."

Sue Gardner of Australia is visiting Alaska for the first time after a business trip to Vancouver. She is staying at a downtown hotel, but she says an airport hotel sounds more appealing.

"Long distance travelers, they really need somewhere close just to recuperate and rest before they decide to go on and do their tricks, or whatever they've got planned," Gardner said.

Hotel developers have until August 19 to submit an application for the project. Construction could start in the spring of 2020 and may take two years to complete.

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