You might want to give yourself some extra time to get around Anchorage this summer. Traffic rolls along Rabbit Creek Road, until you get past Clarks Road — that's where drivers have to hit the brakes, as construction crews resurface the road.

Department of Transportation and Public Facilities spokesperson Shannon McCarthy says the work is needed because the road east of Bridgeview Drive to DeArmoun Road suffered some damage from the Nov. 30 earthquake.

"The pavement was getting really old, and if you'd seen it you could really see what we call alligator cracking. We don't want to see that," McCarthy said. "Once we start to see that, we can get water in there, with the freeze-thaw cycle, you can get huge potholes developing."

Work takes place next week on the $5 million project, as crews will work on the rest of Rabbit Creek Road to Old Seward Highway. The project should wrap up by the end of the month.

Work is also underway on C Street, from 40th Avenue to Minnesota Drive. McCarthy says $8.5 million will be spent to fix the road, which should be finished by mid-October.

"We have a couple signal areas and light poles that we're replacing. We've got some poor soils in the area, so people will see that," McCarthy said.

Traffic is down to one lane along a portion of Jewel Lake Road at Strawberry Road. Construction crews are in the process of moving utilities, as part of a nearly $6 million project to widen Jewel Lake Road to 88th Avenue, as the work will improve traffic flow.

"We're actually building a, it's basically a continuous lane for two-way left turns, so it'll make that area a lot safer for residents and for people visiting businesses," McCarthy said.

The work means delays for those who use the affected roads. Pedestrians are also asked to be aware of possible sidewalk closures in some construction areas.

More information on the Glenn Highway Capacity Improvement Project is available online at

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