The thick smoke that rolled into the Anchorage bowl late Wednesday stuck around to start Thursday. Thankfully, that smoke isn't here to stay. 

Thursday will stay dry with many of the morning clouds burning off through the day. We will see more sunshine in the afternoon, a little lingering smoke will put a slight haze in the atmosphere. Temperatures will climb back into the upper-60s, about as close to 70 degrees as possible without hitting it. 

A storm lifting north through the Gulf of Alaska will bring increasing cloud cover to Southcentral on Friday. Don't expect a day of gloom, think partly cloudy skies and less smoke. Temperatures will stay close to 70 despite the increasing cloud cover. 

That is about where we stay right through the weekend. Overnight lows in the mid-50s, daytime highs right around 70 degrees, and a mix of clouds and sun.

Summer officially starts Friday morning!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo