The Girdwood Hand Tram at Four Corners, which hangs above Winner Creek, has reopened for the first time since an Anchorage hiker died after falling from its platform nearly two weeks ago.

The hand tram was closed for inspection following the hiker's death on June 8. Girdwood Parks and Recreation officials said in a Facebook post that the tram had reopened for public use Wednesday.

Whittier police identified 57-year-old Jeffrey Hummel as the hiker who died after falling from the platform. Investigators learned he was helping other hikers using the hand tram to cross the gorge. At some point, he lost his balance and fell 50 feet off of the platform into the gorge, missing the safety netting.

Girdwood Parks and Recreation officials say instructions for safe tram operation are posted at kiosks on both sides of the tram. Those who intend to use the tram are asked to review and follow the posted safety information.

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