Murder, kidnapping and assault are just some of the charges three men are facing after 36-year-old Steven John was found dead inside a Midtown apartment back in January.

Detectives with the Anchorage Police Department say 24-year-old Iosia Fiso, 38-year-old Kenneth Ketah Jr. and 22-year-old Leone Leone Jr. kidnapped and tortured John before he died.

Ketah Jr. and Leone Jr. appeared in front of an Anchorage judge Monday. Fiso is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

According to state prosecutors, in late January, the three men kidnapped a person identified in court documents as T.W. and forced that person to work for them. Inside an apartment, T.W. was burned with a torch and stabbed as forms of torture.

During the torture, prosecutors say there were two people outside who were unassociated with the group: Steven John and another person. The three defendants thought the pair was being too loud.

That's when prosecutors say the three men kidnapped John and the person he was with, bringing them into the apartment where T.W. was being held.

In court on Monday, prosecutors said, "over the next few days the allegations are that the defendants beat [Steven John] and, at points, they would suffocate him with a cloth and wait for him to go unconscious. One of the defendants made an admission that they went too far and [Steven John] died as a result of this conduct."

On January 29, several days after John was kidnapped, APD found his body in an apartment on West 34th Avenue.

Prosecutors say the other two victims were able to get free but are still dealing with the trauma and are scared.

Fiso, Ketah Jr. and Leone Jr. are also suspects in a shooting that happened on January 9 off Arctic Boulevard in Midtown where one man was shot in the upper body.

Both Ketah Jr. and Leone Jr. pleaded not guilty. Their bail has been set at $1 million each.

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