As of 7:26 p.m. Saturday, APD says roads have been reopened.

The FBI's Anchorage division says the robbery occurred just after 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The suspect is believed to be male, FBI says.

They say the suspect was armed and fired a handgun into Credit Union 1's ceiling, took money from several bank tellers and fled the scene.

The suspect was wearing a mask and the FBI believes he is African American based on the image of his hands.

The FBI says the investigation is ongoing and have no additional information. They ask citizens who may have information about the robbery to call them at 907-276-4441 or to contact the Anchorage Police Department.

Alaska FBI

Original story:

Anchorage Police Department says officers are searching for a man suspected of robbing the Debarr Road branch of Credit Union 1 Saturday afternoon.

Police are looking for the suspect near Muldoon Road and Boundary Avenue, and temporary road closures are in effect. APD says SWAT officers are on the scene to assist patrol officers in locating and arresting the suspect.

"Depending on the actions of the suspect, our response may include a variety of tools and tactics used to apprehend him," police say. "This could include the possibility of deploying gas; nearby citizens with respiratory illnesses/sensitivities should remain inside and make sure doors and windows are closed."

Police advise people to use alternate routes until further notice.

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