Professional eater and YouTube star Randy Santel had dinner at Kriner's Burger and Pies Thursday evening, as he also tried to make history.

Santel sank his teeth into the Kriner's Family Burger Challenge.

He had 45 minutes to devour a 2 pound hand-pressed burger patty, topped with 15 slices of tomatoes, 10 slices of American cheese, half a head of lettuce, one and a half onions, 20 pickles with secret sauce, all on a homemade 2 pound bun. Served on the side of the burger was 1 pound of fries.

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Santel needed just 19-minutes-22 seconds to clear his plate, winning in record-time according to Kriner's staff. The previous record was right around the 45-minute time limit.

Santel is the owner of and keeps a database that lists food challenges around the world.

"I've known about Kriner's burger challenge for a long time,” he said. “Now that I'm finally here, I wanted to try it."

Santel received a t-shirt and a plaque, and Kriner's announced he was just the third person to win the challenge in its nine-year history.

This is the third challenge Santel conquered in Alaska since he arrived Monday. Santel also posted wins at Boss Hogz in Homer, Fire House BBQ in Soldotna and West Rib Pub & Grill in Talkeetna.

On Friday, Santel made his way to Flattop Pizza for their 21-inch, six-pound pizza challenge.

Santel will be at Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse on Saturday.

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