A pesky storm hanging out south of Prince William Sound will keep clouds and scattered showers in the forecast for much of Southcentral. 

Wednesday morning started warmer than the past few days, but that came with mostly cloudy skies and some isolated showers in Anchorage. All of that is thanks to a weak storm hanging out just off the coast. It will keep clouds and scattered drizzle in the forecast through the first half of the day on Wednesday before a few peeks of sun occur in t the afternoon. Temperatures will still top out around 67 degrees despite the clouds and light moisture. 

That weak storm starts to break down Thursday. As our weekend storm moves in from the west, it will act to weaken the storm south of Prince William Sound. This means we will dry out slightly and see a few more peeks of sunshine during the day than what we will see on Wednesday. Temps will stay in the mid-60s. 

Friday will start with a little more sun before our next storm moves in. We should stay dry through much of the day before our next storm moves in. Temperatures will hover in the mid-60s once again. 

As far as the weekend forecast, a storm moving in from the Aleutians will impact coastal areas and parts of Southcentral Saturday. It doesn't look like a total wash at this point, just some light drizzle thanks to downsloping or the rain shadow of the mountains.

We made it to the hump, happy Humpday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo