Monday was another night of softball action at Bumpus Ballfields — minus one field that was sidelined. 

A fire badly damaged a dugout and destroyed nearly a dozen port-a-potties. Greg DeArmond, director of the Mat-Su Softball Association that operates the fields, said the fire started in one of the outhouses, then spread to the others and the dugout.

"This is a senseless vandalism that, you know, hurts nobody but our community," said DeArmond, pointing out the incident is the second to take place at the complex in about a month.

Vandals had damaged several other port-a-potties, but not like the most recent destruction. 

"Obviously it makes us a little frustrated," DeArmond said. "We do not know what compels somebody to do something like this." 

The softball association does not know how much it will cost to repair the damage. It's also too soon to tell when teams will be able to once again take the field here.

"I think kids need better things to do," said softball player Jeni Earhardt. "It's really sad and disrespectful." 

Wasilla police are asking anyone information about the case to contact them.

Last year, vandals spray-painted graffiti on the dugouts at the American Legion baseball field, also located at the complex. There was roughly $5,000 in damage caused during the incident, including a storage room getting broken into and various equipment damaged.

Previous incidents at the fields targeted the concession stand, the equipment used to run the scoreboard, and the PA system. 

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