A shift in the weather pattern brings back daytime sun and afternoon storms. 

Sunshine will take us through the day on Monday. Clear skies will allow temps to climb to 70 degrees as we get into the afternoon. Similar to last week, daytime heating will fuel afternoon storms. Without the northerly flow of last week, or winds out of the north— most of those storms will stay north of Anchorage. A few making it to the valley. 

We will be clear once again Tuesday morning. temps will drop back into the 40s because of that clearing. Once the sun comes up, things will warm up quickly once again. We will climb to near 70 degrees again on Tuesday. Light winds and ample sun mean we will see an almost identical repeat to Monday. Storms staying north and all. 

By Wednesday, a small shift in the weather pattern will bring about a few more clouds, but that is it. Partly cloudy and mild will be the story of the day. Temperatures will stay in the mid to upper-60s, but compared to this past weekend that will feel plenty warm enough. 

That will be the weather pattern through the remainder of the week. Partly cloudy skies with temps hovering in the mid-60s each afternoon. 

Happy Monday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo