On Sunday, charging documents reveal new information about the Thunderbird Falls homicide investigation.

According to the criminal complaint, 18-year-old Denali Brehmer admitted to detectives the trip to Thunderbird Falls with 19-year-old Cynthia Hoffman and 16-year-old Kayden McIntosh was planned and that she directed McIntosh to shoot Hoffman.

Brehmer made the admission on Friday, June 7.

"Brehmer told [a detective] that after Cynthia was tied up, she handed [McIntosh] the gun and told him to shoot her because she couldn't do it, and he shot her," the documents read.

McIntosh had told a different story. The detective on the case says that on June 5, a sergeant at the Anchorage Correctional Complex reported that McIntosh was telling people that the shooting was Brehmer's idea.

The following day, the detective interviewed a friend of Brehmer who presented two Snapchat videos posted by Brehmer.

In one video, the detective says Brehmer gave her account of the incident. The detective says it was consistent with what she had told him previously, according to the charging documents.

The detective says that in the second video posted by Brehmer, McIntosh can be seen walking behind her.

“I guess you will hear from me when you hear from me, but I won’t be back for a long time,” Brehmer said in the video, according to the detective’s report, “I won’t be back for a long time. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, I didn’t mean to do it.”


Brehmer had previously said she was afraid of McIntosh and that's why she followed his directions after he shot Hoffman in the back of the head. She said McIntosh told her to send a text message to Hoffman’s sister with a made-up story about dropping her off somewhere.

McIntosh and Brehmer burned the pistol used to shoot Hoffman along with her belongings, according to the complaint.

In his statement to detectives, McIntosh said he “blacked out” and remembered shooting Hoffman and pushing her body into the river. He also said he did not want Brehmer to go to jail.

Both Brehmer and McIntosh face charges of first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

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