The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer is raising the roof, literally, for a new preservation project.

The farm sits on land the Lentz family owned as part of the Matanuska Colony project in the 1930s.

On Thursday morning, a crew slowly removed the roof of the original Colony barn which was constructed around 1935.

Executive Director Mark Austin said they want to preserve the iconic gambrel roof while adding more space for a museum. That means the roof has to be set aside while they demolish and reconstruct the first floor.

Austin said the $1.2 million project is important to preserve such an important piece of Palmer’s past.

“Maintaining the agricultural legacy of the Valley is just an incredible thing for us to participate in, but it also feels like a big obligation, and we really want this Colony barn to stick around and be a part of the future,” Austin said.

The project is expected to be completed by October.


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