It's a rare sight to see towering cumulus clouds building in the afternoon across Southcentral, but that's been the case two days in a row and will likely be the case again Wednesday. 

Thanks to high pressure in western Alaska, most of the mainland is seeing sunny and warm weather, but there's a catch, a low to the south of us is sending in moisture and cooler air, which all combines with the warm and dry air from the north and extra lift from the mountains to create thunderstorms. 

Much of the Mat-Su, Copper River Basin, Anchorage, Southwest Alaska, and Kenai will continue to see not only clouds but chances for isolated showers and thunderstorms tonight.  

Wednesday we'll rinse and repeat. The clouds will gradually clear overnight and it's back to mostly sunny and dry weather for Wednesday afternoon...that is until the storms develop across the higher elevations and move into town. 

Temperatures will warm a degree or two with each day this week, which brings us out of the mid-60s and into the upper 60s for the second half of the week. 

Enjoy the heat!
-Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey