You may notice a larger police presence on the streets of Anchorage and the surrounding communities because the Anchorage Police Department is increasing traffic enforcement. 

APD Chief Justin Doll says federal grants through the Alaska Highway Safety office support the extra efforts. 

"The primary thing traffic enforcement is doing is just educating the motoring public on what the traffic laws are, how to be safe on the road," Doll said. "The whole purpose of traffic law and traffic enforcement is voluntary compliance, right? We all need to comply with the law so traffic can move smoothly and safely."

APD released a statement on all the advantages traffic enforcement provides. 

"I think it's really important to mention that traffic enforcement is a really strong crime prevention tool," Doll said. "There's been a lot of research over the years that directly links an increase in traffic enforcement with an overall decrease in crime in the areas that it is happening. And the reason is more police activity tends to deaden people's desire to be involved in criminal activity."

Doll also says the daily, routine police work does not change or decrease at all.

"People say oh, traffic enforcement, if I see a bunch of officers and they are not going to calls for service or they're not dealing with homeless camps or doing follow-up on crimes, that kind of stuff — all of that is still happening," Doll said. "This is literally on top of normal operations. In fact, when a department receives that kind of grant funding, there are very specific requirements that we not supplant what we already do."

Doll says the extra officers are ones that come in on their off days and work overtime. 

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