Traveling with children can be stressful, especially if parents find themselves under-prepared.

“I packed the diaper bag but it wasn't enough and my son blew through all his supplies and I had to make-shift a diaper out of underwear and paper towels,” Anchorage mom Jasmin Smith said. “I just realized there's got to be some better solutions to this.”
Smith, a mom of twins, used her entrepreneurial nature to come up with the idea for Baby Vend, a vending machine designed to make sure parents are not caught empty handed.

“We have everything from diapers to extra clothes in case there's an accident, changing pads, pacifiers and sippy cups,” Smith said.

Besides baby supplies, Baby Vend also has items for breastfeeding mothers such as lactation cookies and nursing pads.

The first of Smith's machines was placed at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and she has plans for more around Anchorage.

“Me and the team are just trying to pace ourselves, just really learn, start small and have a niche in Alaska,” Smith said.

But the working mother has bigger plans for Baby Vend's future. 

Following a casting call with start-up business-focused reality show "Shark Tank," she hopes to someday take her idea national.

“I eventually want Baby Vend to be anywhere a parent is that travels or has family outings, so parents can get past this, 'I have to have the perfect diaper bag in order to have a good experience,'” Smith said.

Baby Vend is designed for children under the age of 5, but Smith says what’s inside each machine will be customizable based on location.

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