A protective mama moose wasn't going to let anything happen to her twin calves when a black bear approached near Skyline Drive in Homer over Memorial Day weekend.

(Viewer warning: Explicit language)

In a video provided by Mandy Bernard from Homer, the moose is seen lunging at the bear and tries to stomp it. The moose cornered the bear in a garden net where it had no place to go. But the mother moose backed off long enough to allow the bear to escape. The bear then ran off, while the mother returned to her two nearby calves.

"We had been watching those newborn calves and the mother all day and so we certainly didn't want to witness a bear kill on the side of our yard. At the same time we didn't want anyone hurt. We didn't want the bear hurt either," said Mandy Bernard.

Bernard and her husband watched the showdown play out from inside their home. She believes the same bear was on her porch before the encounter. She says they made noise but the bear didn't immediately leave. She also says a neighbor reported that a bear popped its head through a dog door on the same day.

"It ended. The moose took off one direction; the bear the other. And so we consider that a happy ending in our yard anyhow," said Bernard.

Bernard thinks they saw the same bear last Friday in Homer. She says they banged on the door and made noise and the bear scampered away.

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