Dave Hudspeth helps paint the town red, or in this case, light gray.

"I couldn't miss this, this is like premiere event for us," Hudspeth said.

He joined fellow members of the Gateway and Russian Jack Rotary Clubs as they put a fresh coat of paint on a South Anchorage mobile home. It was one of the first of eight homes around the city to receive a new look.

"It's a great community we live in and this is going to dress up this smaller community. It's great," Hudspeth said while he painted.

Volunteers break out the brushes during the annual Paint the Town event hosted by NeighborWorks Alaska.

"The folks we paint houses for, they don't have other options, they don't have the capital to do it," said NeighborWorks Alaska's Sue Perrins. "It helps to maintain their home, and it helps to keep folks in their home."

Eight homes are scheduled to receive the help over the next two weeks.

"I love this project because not only do we impact the homeowners, but we impact the neighborhoods as well," Perrins said.

Volunteers will continue work on the remaining six homes and another beautification project until June 13.

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