The National Transporation Safety Board has released the preliminary report for the investigation into the deadly floatplane crash in Cascade Bay, near Whittier.

Much of NTSB's investigation focuses on the landing gear. The report finds the pilot, 56-year-old Scott Johannes of Wasilla, performed his pre-landing checks.

Confirmation of the landing gear position was included in the checklist, and while he could recall performing the check, the NTSB report says Johannes did not have a specific recollection of the landing gear status.
The report says the passengers were on a sightseeing trip in the Prince William Sound area, and Johannes tried to land in the bay to look at a waterfall. The plane flipped over right after it landed.

NTSB says Johannes escaped the upside-down plane as he climbed out the door window and made his way to the surface. He swam back down into the airplane and pulled an unidentified passenger from a rear seat.

The other passenger, 75-year-old William Resinger of Palmer, died in the crash. The report says Johannes tried to free Resinger but he appeared to be already unconscious. 

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