Friday at midnight is the last chance for property owners with earthquake damage to apply online for grants and loans from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Small Business Administration.

Apply to FEMA at and to SBA at

The final opportunity to apply in person is 7 p.m. Friday.

FEMA’s recovery centers at the University Center and Spenard Community Recreation Center in Anchorage and at Eagle River Covenant Church in Eagle River are open till then.

Jack Heesch, a spokesperson with FEMA, says those centers have been quite busy and that's just fine with him. 

"At the Eagle River Covenant Church, we saw 50 people yesterday. We've seen well over 5,000 people come through the various disaster recovery centers over the course of four months," Heesch said.

Heesch wants to remind people who have already applied for state funding to also apply for federal funding too, because it’s required by law.

“State law requires that, in order to receive state assistance, you have to complete the federal process," said Heesch.

Of the over 13,000 Alaskans who applied for state assistance shortly after the earthquake happened, about 10,000 have also applied with FEMA, according to Heesch.

“It's important for the people who did apply for those, particularly those 3,000 or so, to register with FEMA to complete the process so they can be considered for assistance from the state,” said Heesch.

Heesch said there are circumstances where people could still be considered for assistance even if they miss the deadline, but they’re rare and you’ll need solid evidence of the damages.

"Let's say they had been out of state and didn't realize they had damage," Heesch said. "They get home, they realize they do have damage, we'll consider something like that.

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