The return of the Daybreak crew to KTVA's home studio also saw the return of DJ Spencer Lee to Mic Check in the Morning.

Six months ago, on Friday, Nov. 30, a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Southcentral Alaska and crippled KTVA's studio, requiring operations to move to a temporary facility.

DJ Spencer Lee was Daybreak's Mic Check in the Morning guest on the day of the quake, so it was fitting that KTVA brought him back for the first Mic Check segment since November.

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Over the winter months, Spencer Lee was busy. He spent time as a mentor to students, teaching classes at the Anchorage Museum. 

With summer here, business is picking up for Lee. He's the DJ for Skinny Raven's summer run series, including Friday's Twilight 12K. He also spins weekly at the Williwaw in Downtown Anchorage.

Check out DJ Spencer Lee on Daybreak's Mic Check in the Morning and keep an eye out for him around town!

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