As a storm moved across Southcentral Thursday overcast skies and light rain made for a darker than usual afternoon. Anchorage only picked up 0.06" of rain, but further south, 1.29" of rain fell in Kodiak. Moderate to heavy rain will continue overnight for Seward and Kodiak, but further north and west, the showers are tapering off and we'll only see chances for light showers Friday. 

Temperatures were also cooler Thursday with highs only reaching the mid-50s, which is about 5 degrees below normal. We'll return to the upper 50s Friday, then back to the low 60s to kick off the month of June. Along with warmer weather, we'll also see more sun breaks through the weekend and early next week. 

With the Summer Solstice just 3 weeks away, we're already up to 18 hours and 36 minutes of daylight. The sun will rise Friday and 4:38 a.m., not setting until 11:17 p.m. We'll gain another 45 minutes of daylight between now and June 21st. 

Have a great Thursday evening and start to your Friday!
-Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey