A man was arrested in Anchorage Wednesday after ramming police vehicles in a stolen GMC pickup truck.

The stolen 2003 truck was spotted just before noon Wednesday and called in by a bystander, who kept police updated with its location as it drove through town. When Anchorage Police Department officers caught up with the vehicle near the intersection of Tudor and Elmore roads, 24-year-old Nicholas J. Newberry and 25-year-old Sara J. Sternberg, were passed out inside.

According to a statement from police, officers positioned their vehicles around the truck and woke the pair inside. Officers used a police K-9, gas and a Taser to warn the couple to exit the truck.

"It appeared that Newberry and Sternberg were having a discussion; they initially put their hands up as instructed but subsequently lowered them," APD wrote.

Then Newberry attempted to escape, ramming and damaging seven police vehicles. 

Using "less lethal munitions," police broke out the windows and deployed gas inside the truck. When the truck's tire got stuck on a curb, Newberry crawled over Sternberg in an attempt to escape. He then ran through a swamp into the Anchorage School District's bus barn parking lot.

"Officers gave chase and yelled commands the entire time which Newberry ignored. As more officers arrived Newberry slowed, went down to his knees, and then was taken into custody," police stated.

Meanwhile, Sternberg stayed with police. Both she and Newberry were taken into custody for questioning. No officers were injured in the incident, APD stated.

Newberry was charged with multiple counts of vehicle theft and theft, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. Police say he is being held at the Anchorage jail.

Sternberg faces two counts of criminal mischief.

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