The National Park Service is showing off 12 of its most scenic rivers in a new set of stamps from the U.S. Postal Service.

Two of those wild wonders are located in the the 49th state.

Two Alaska rivers, the Koyokuk and Tlikakila, are featured on postage stamps.

Alaska's Koyukuk and Tlikakila rivers are included among the dozen streams that provide clean water, places of beauty as well as sanctuary and habitats for native wildlife, according to an announcement from the NPS. The rivers were deemed remarkable by Congress for fish and wildlife, geology, recreation and cultural or historical significance.

"The thing that's really impressive is that these are on forever stamps and the parks service is in the forever business," said Bert Frost, the NPS Alaska regional director. "We're here to protect these resources in perpetuity — not just for our generation, not just for the past 100 years, but for the next 500 years."

The NPS stated that all 12 streams are allowed to flow freely without man-made alterations like dams. Wild rivers are unpolluted and generally only accessible by trail.

Two Alaska rivers, the Koyokuk and Tlikakila, are featured on postage stamps.

Michael Melford is the photographer who captured the aerial views of the Koyukuk and Tlikakila rivers for the stamp collection. The Tlikakila is located within Lake Clark National Park and Preserve near Port Alsworth and empties into Lake Clark. The north fork of the Koyukuk River runs near Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve.

The stamps went on sale May 21 at post offices across the country and can also be purchased online. Each stamp sells for 55 cents each, or a book of 12 for $6.60.

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