Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Wednesday sent a memo to state employees explaining the prospects of layoffs or furloughs should the Legislature not pass an operating budget by June 30 — the final day of the current fiscal year.

Lawmakers are entering the third week of the current 30-day special session, which could run as late as June 14.

Dunleavy told state employees that if an operating budget covering the fiscal year beginning July 1 is not passed by that date, he will send formal notices to employees.

“We continue to hope that the Legislature will fulfill its constitutional duty and pass an operating budget,” he wrote.

A special committee made up of three members each from the House and Senate have worked out most of the differences in an operating budget, but no agreement has been struck on the size of the Permanent Fund dividend.

Dunleavy said he believes Alaskans should receive a $3,000 dividend; a sum that reflects the statutory formula, which has not been followed each of the last three years and resulted in a reduced dividend.

The governor said he wasn’t ready to offer specifics of who would be affected by any government shutdown.

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