Tuesday proved to be quite interesting in terms of weather in Anchorage. Parts of town received a good downpour in the afternoon, while others stayed dry all day. 

Wednesday will be the same, but different. We stay mostly dry throughout the day here in Anchorage. The moisture associated with our next storm just doesn't quite make it into town. Yet. Clouds will build through the second half of the day, by this evening, isolated showers will develop in parts of town.

Overnight we will see the sprinkles grow a little more widespread. Drizzle is what we'll call it. 

Drizzle will continue on and off through Thursday. But don't get your hopes up. It won't amount to much. We should even see a few peeks of sunshine. Temps will stay slightly cooler. Upper 50s at best. 

The rain will taper off Friday morning. Then it's all about hoping for sunshine. As we head into the weekend, it is looking like we could dry out and even see more sunshine. 

Happy Humpday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo