For some Southcentral Alaska businesses, the Nov. 30 earthquake created an unexpected increase of customers that they're still being affected by. That's the case with Blaines Art in Spenard.

“It hasn't let up at all in six months. We are still almost as buried as we were right after the earthquake,” owner David Haag said Tuesday.

The store's framing department is making its way through a mountain of damaged artwork and requests for repairs.

Haag says many of the pieces have a combination of broken glass and moulding.

“Others were completely destroyed. They hit the floor and just came apart,” he said.  

Before the earthquake, staff say a custom frame job would take a couple weeks. Now, can customers can expect to wait up to six weeks.

At one point the store had 170 frame jobs in the queue and only one framing specialist, according to Haag. “It is a good problem to have but still a problem."

Some frame repairs are more complicated than others or require special orders.

The store’s framer says he’s able to fix between 12 and 16 frames a day and asks customers to be patient and he fulfills their orders as quickly as possible.

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