The message of this week’s Frontiers program: It’s never too late to give thanks.  

This special Memorial Day edition of Frontiers is hosted by KTVA’s Joe Vigil, who has followed the Honor Flight program in Alaska from its earliest days.

Hard to believe that in six years and 12 Honor Flight missions, 284 veterans have toured the war memorials in Washington D.C. – at no cost to them, financed by donations big and small. 

Here are some of the highlights from this week’s program:

  • How it All Began: When Ron and Lynda Travis started this program in Alaska six years ago, they never dreamed how much Alaskans would embrace it. 
  • Jim Clark’s Honor Flight: A Korean War veteran, who lost his buddy in combat, says he used to have nightmares about the war. But somehow, after his Honor flight, the nightmares ended.
  • Dorothy Dittman’s Honor Flight: A Vietnam veteran who never thought she was worthy of recognition -- but her Honor Flight trip gave her wartime experiences a whole new meaning.
  • A Couple’s Contributions: War exacts a heavy toll on families. And although Ron and Theresa Cain of Eagle River made the best of their separation during the Korean War, the Honor Flight they took together brought things full circle.
  • Featured Guest: Joe Vigil talks with Randy Kimpton, the new president of the Last Frontier Honor Flight program and its success. 

As you hear about how the Honor Flight has literally changed lives, you begin to realize that the program is really about more than a trip to Washington D.C., but a journey we are taking together, as a nation, state and community.

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