A 50-year-old Anchorage man is facing felony charges for allegedly attacking his 76-year-old mother in their home.

Court documents suggest that Karl Engelke got upset with his mother, Marlyss Engelke, because she wanted him to move out.

Anchorage police got a 911 call where a woman could be heard saying “help me quick” and “leave me alone” before the call was disconnected, according to the documents.

When they responded, officers found Karl who looked to have blood splatter on him. He said a bear had attacked his mother and she must have made the call.

Marlyss was bleeding, missing teeth, throwing up blood and had cuts to her head and face when officers found her. There was also a broken cell phone nearby. At the hospital, large amounts of dirt were found in Marlyss’ wounds. She also had facial fractures, broken ribs, bruised lungs and required surgery, court documents state.

Before being taken to the operating room, Marlyss told police she thought Karl used a brick, dragged her across the yard, assaulted her inside and outside the house, then took the phone when she called 911 and hit the phone with the brick.

Karl told officers several versions of how the alleged bear attack happened, but there weren’t any signs consistent with a bear attack at the scene. He also acknowledged he had cleaned up blood in the house and put items he’d been wearing into the trash compactor.

He faces one charge of first-degree assault and one charge of tampering with evidence. He’s being held on $25,000 bond.

Dave Leval contributed to this report.

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