Colony Middle School Principal Mary Fulp was awakened Wednesday night by a series of alerts on her phone. They were coming from a former student who wanted her to watch a disturbing video.

The video shows two girls who look to be in their teens. One is beating the other, claiming she was disrespected and demanding an apology on camera.

Fulp recognized the victim as a former student and believes the attack was planned and meant to be shared on social media.

"To me this is such inhumane behavior on such an extreme level that we can't even call it bullying. This is an assault," said Fulp.

Fulp called troopers. When she posted that she had reported the video and troopers were investigating, she got more than 900 likes on the post.

"They want this behavior reported to the troopers, and these are kids who are saying thank you, pretty much," she said.

But she worries that too often young people are afraid to stand up when they see something wrong and that social media is part of why they're scared to report. They'll tolerate cyber-bullying and worse because they're afraid they could become victims themselves.

"Anyone who doesn't want to do it, report it, becomes the next person that they go after," she said.

Fulp says one thing that might help students is having more trusted adults in their lives and the confidence to report something that genuinely seems wrong. She says that would benefit everyone.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated Mary Fulp is the principal of Palmer Middle School. Fulp is the principal of Colony Middle School.

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